Howdy folks, welcome to the web page, brought to you by my  good mate & front-row regular Adam Gibson.

A year or so ago I’d been thru absolute hell and every day I woke up I considered a small victory. Now, in the last few months, I’ve been offered 4 record deals, a publishing deal, and maybe another record deal that will see my back catalogue boxed together and distributed, my next solo album released (it’s been 8 years!) and maybe a Rarities (Live & B-sides) album released along with some stories, photos and drawings…. But more of that later.

A few months ago Dave Walker from Green South Records came to my home with Phil Georges and pushed the furniture back, set mic’s up and let me go! We recorded 48 songs in two days, all kinds of stuff, from the darkest to the lightest, and to kick off our new working relationship, we’ve decided to release one of the lightest, Happy Dogs, a song about the wisdom in running after the fun in life and grabbing it by the balls! Check it out here on the Green South website:

And as for the Heartbrokers…. Recorded one summers day in 2015 (a day of 47 degrees) The Heartbrokers album VOL. 1O was poised to be finally launched  by Off the Hip Records when David Vodika of Rubber Records swooped in and offered to release the album proper later in the year while also re-releasing the two Swedish Magazines albums as well as the next one. I’m very proud of the two Swede’s albums, and though we never made a big deal about them, it’s pleasing to know they’re gonna get another chance to be heard far and wide by true rocknroll fans. We’ve even got the original band back together working up the potential next record, and all I can tell you is, it’s gonna be HEAVY.

So there you go. 20 years crying out in the wilderness and then suddenly helping hands.

Stay tuned for the official release and launch of HEARTBROKERS VOL.1O, it’s still available at Basement Discs, Greville, and Off the Hip Records, but will soon be available far and wide. And as for the 48 songs recorded for Green South, they’ll come out here and there, but first they’ll have to wait for my first solo album in almost a decade! But that’s another story…

Watch this space…

Until then, thanks for the ongoing support.

Stay heavy,