Howdy volks ~ Welcome to the web   page, brought to you by my  good mate      & front-row regular Adam Gibson.

Well, it’s been awhile between drinks, that’s for sure. Things have been unseasonably quite last few months, but for good reason. I suppose after a lifetime of hard living, hard going, going hard, hitting it hard a la the hardcore troubadour, backing it up and hobbling the hard yards and basically using and abusing my body like galley slaves on some yea olde viking ship, the good news is: the boat is still afloat. The bad news: all the poor paddlers have expired! Yes, somehow, finally, I’ve managed to dint my iron constitution. Well and truly. After a few especially heady years, apparently my immune system is on the ropes, which has led to other health issues. So basically the ghost ship will be drifting awhile taking it easy while I build up a new crew to work the oars, and then I’ll be back better than ever and this time I’ll go a little easier on the chattel. There’s much unreleased work awaiting release: The Heartbrokers album, two Goatpiss recordings (one live, one studio), a very almost complete full length Daisies album, and even a new solo album that was started before I was forced to take this break. I plan to pick up production and continue, minus some of the more dissolute lifestyle choices, I just need some time to back myself out of this dark corner, without denial or delusion. I’ve tried to keep my eyes open throughout, so hopefully I’ve learnt something which will manifest in material if not wisdom, and I’ll see you all back out there for what it’s all about: music.

Until then, thanks for the ongoing support.


Best wishes,