OK, so the recording of these 500 demos has ground to an unceremonious halt. I had planned to finish all this by last christmas… so I’m a little behind schedule. I had also  planned to have visited a dentist and replaced my phone, but I suppose some things just have to wait their turn.

I think at last count I’m up to 240 something of these demos. I have been on the road, which is no real excuse, but now I’m back home for a few weeks I’ll definitely try to jump back into it & get the ball rolling again. The plan was 5 a day, to be finished by last xmas. Maybe that was a little too optimistic and short-circuited the whole project. I have started writing a novel, an old idea that’s been brewing since I was around 18 that suddenly poured out of me while I was on the toilet some months ago and has continued to flow, much to my enjoyment, though it’s ground my other novel I’ve been writing since 1998 to a halt, plus rolled right over these intended demo recordings. My feeling is it’s probably best to let the squeaky wheels roll. Liz & I are off to Europe to play some shows in July so I’ll try to get stuck into these demos again as much as possible before then. Plus we start the Vandemonian Lags gig with MONA FOMA in Tassie this June, that began back late last year, a big project rewriting music to some of the stories of Tasmania’s convict heritage, with a cast of thousands/dozens including Mick Thomas, Ben Salter, Tim Rogers and Darren Hanlon, among others. Also we’ve been busy releasing the first Livingstone Daisies album and right this very minute I’m in the studio mixing & mastering the 2nd one (which is, in fact, songs from the first Inveloch session). Plus my mate Andrew Bailey & I have been given the enviable assignment of writing the column Beer O’Clock for a digital publication TIM (TasteInMusic) being launched very soon. So it seems everything must wait its turn in the seemingly random line of creative attention, which is fine, as long as they get done eventually. It’s good to be able to turn away from things that need to brew a little longer and pick up other ideas that have been simmering away without my consulting. To mix the metaphor, sometimes your gardener does best to leave the plants alone, other times prune here and there, to hold back the jungle while also encouraging it. Plus I bought a PS3 which hasn’t helped…. Maybe it has.