Howdy folks, welcome to the web page, brought to you by my  good mate & front-row regular Adam Gibson.

Happy to finally announce The Heartbrokers album is here and available from shows and record stores/online. Recorded oh so long ago, (2015?) on a hellishly hot summers day of sweat and beer (and volume), along with Jeff Lang, Ash Davies, Ezra Lee and Cal Walker and many others, we stepped into Jeff’s backyard studio and cut song after song (could only be in the confined space long enough for one take before pouring back out for oxygen and libation) the album sat cooling like a pie on a window sill all this time, but now it’s out and about, and getting some reviews (“boogie par excellence” I~94 Bar). If you’d like a copy, best place to contact or visit is Off the Hip records, 381 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (03 96212044) tho I’ve been told there’s some copies elsewhere, like Greville Records in Prahran.

The album will be officially launched FRI MARCH 30 at the Gasometer Hotel with The Ezra Lee Trio.

For Tix:

Until then, keep rocking and thanks for the ongoing support.

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