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Ghosting: the practise of leaving a party or social gathering without saying goodbye 

But what happens when a much loved partner suddenly exits a long term relationship without explanation? 

New album GHOSTING attempts to cover the entire process from initial shock and injury, through the long and painstaking journey to rebuild in darkness without answers, to the ultimate realization and recovery. Beyond being just a group of new songs, it’s a survival story that questions past tropes of traditional masculinity – suppressing emotions and masking distress -  and instead celebrates men being able to express their deeper feelings and communicate/create their way to better mental health and psychological development. 


GHOSTING out now on Green South Records (

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“Hauntingly beautiful”                                                                                                                                       What’s My Scene Magazine

“A stunning musical narrative.”                                                                                                                       Rhythms Magazine Sept/Oct 2020

“One if not the best Australian releases this year.”

Amigo Williams, Made in the Shade, Sunbury Radio, 99.3 FM

“Masterful… riveting… a truly immersive and moving musical experience.”                                                                                         5 Stars, City Hub Sydney

In other news….

Moving out of the city last year and gigging less has been great for my mental and physical health, but not so on my bank account. And frankly, this year… without some great friends, I’d be walking the streets, no question.

Thus, Patreon.

Most days I’m working on a new song. Maybe 1 out of 5 or 6 are ever heard by anyone other than myself. Which is good, for quality control, but there are still a few half decent ones that don’t see the light of day. The odd tune might get a run live every now and again, but most of them will never find a home on a record. That’s just the reality of being ‘prolific’. No one but very close friends have heard 1/3 of the work I’ve created in the last 20 years. And probably never would have.

Until now!

This way I can get work out to those who really want it. You may have heard the one about the Rabbit and the Fish, but have you heard the one about the Cat and the Dark Eyed Bird? Or the Saddest Lamb in the Land? Or the HUMAN?? The Vulgar Animal? Friends have been asking me to record that particular one since my first album.

In fact, people have been telling me to do this for years, and if it wasn’t for penury and the changing world I probably wouldn’t have. Yet the more I think about it, the better an artistic and financial idea it appears to be. Live Clips like the ones I’d usually upload to FB will now only be available to Patrons. As will unreleased studio cuts, live recordings, home recordings like the one above, originals and covers, and even lessons and one off how-to-play some of my songs.

For only $10 a month you will receive a single composition directly from my unreleased back catalogue. Mostly songs, but sometimes audio and visual, and sometimes artwork, poems, prose, and even a podcast. All this work that would have never seen the light of day (time/space/money) will now become available to True Fans. It’s gonna be a huge (ahem…) Vanthology that’ll only become apparent over time. I really do have lots of songs. And I’m gonna open up the vault, people! Songs that might never made albums will be available as Singles, like the good old days!

It’s an ideal way to keep this goose alive while also setting sail more golden eggs to those who might want them scrambled for breakfast, or who can at least offer them safe port.

Stay sane and subscribe!


In the meantime you can order my single from me directly and I’ll post you a personally signed copy and hopefully that’ll keep me afloat thru these difficult times.

Transfer $20 to

DONOVAN C WALKER  063-157 / 1047-3204

with your postal address to receive personally signed Sprit World single with double B side: Crystal Ball & I Gotta Worry, or Long Night’s Journey to Day, with double B side: When You Were Mine & Drifting Too Far From Shore.


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In further other news HEARTBROKERS VOL.1O is available at Basement Discs, Greville, and Off the Hip Records.

Stream I AM THE DEVIL  here and check out new single GOING DOWN


Until then, thanks for the ongoing support.

Stay heavy,