Howdy folks ~ Welcome to the web   page, brought to you by my  good mate      & front-row regular Adam Gibson.

Well, the great demo recording project has ground to a definite halt. I think at last count I was up to 250, right around half way. But I’ve lost interest, as other interests have taken priority. Liz and I have been on the road, which is no great excuse, but now I’m back home I should try and get the ball rolling again, but there’s so little time when other projects rear their heads. The plan was to pump out five a day, to be finished by last xmas. Maybe that was a little too optimistic and short-circuited the whole project. I wrote a couple of drafts of a novel, an old idea that’s been brewing since I was around 18 that suddenly poured out of me and has continued to flow, much to my enjoyment, though it’s ground my other novel I’ve been writing since 1998 to a halt, plus rolled right over these intended demo recordings. My feeling is it’s probably best to let the squeaky wheels roll. Liz & I have toured Europe the last couple of years, released a few Livingstone Daisies albums, then there was the  Vandemonian Lags gig with MONA FOMA in Tassie, a big project rewriting music to some of the stories of Tasmania’s convict heritage. Plus my mate Andrew Bailey & I were given the enviable assignment of writing the column Beer O’Clock for a digital publication TIM (TasteInMusic) which was launched last year. Also I’ve recorded The Heartbrokers album with Jeff Lang, and another little project with Tristen Bird, plus formed Goatpiss Gasoline with Hank Green & Suit Watkins. So everything has just got to wait its turn in the seemingly random queue of creative attention, which is fine, as long as some of it gets done eventually. It’s good to be able to turn away from things that need to brew a little longer and pick up other ideas that have been simmering away without my consulting. It’s all just play, after all, and it can all wait for another day.


Best wishes,