What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Deadly - Swedish Magazines, EP (2003, Control) 

Eat More Baby - Swedish Magazines, LP (2004, Stealth Blonde Records)

The Celestial Railroad – solo, LP (2008, Croxton Records)

The Last Record Store – solo, LP (2009, Croxton Records) 

Greetings from Penguin, Tasmania – solo, LP (2009, Control)

Love Fate – solo, LP (2009, Torn & Frayed)

Bush League Bard – solo, LP (2010, Control)

Underneath The Radar – Best of Compilation – LP (2008-2010, Fuse) 

Wino Havoc – Swedish Magazines – LP (2011, Rock Against Bullshit Records)

Don’t Know What Happiness Is – Livingstone Daisies, LP (2013, Popboomerang Records) 

Waiting on the Last Minute – Livingstone Daisies, LP (2014, Popboomerang Records)

Vol 10 – Heartbrokers, LP  (2018, Off The Hip/Rubber Records)

Ghosting – solo, LP (2020, Green South Records)

I Wish Life Could Be… Swedish Magazines, Best Of, LP (2021, Rubber Records)

Greetings from Newtown Geelong -w/t The Ferriters, LP (2022, Control)